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Sivota! The exotic paradise of the Ionian sea!

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* You can find the Greek version of the post here: http://www.kallisblog.gr/2016/06/blog-post_11.html

We decided to visit Sivota without really having great expectations ... The basic reason for choosing Sivota as our vacation place was basically for the low budget. Greek islands demanded at least 2 times our budget (because of the very expensive ferry tickets). Sivota is a destination where you can easily go by car! 

What i saw when we reached Sivota was something that I wasn’t quite expecting... It was a place full of life and smiling faces! During our stay there, we discovered that Sivota combines the air of a cosmopolitan Riviera with the peacefulness and the exoticism of an island!

After a thorough search for a hotel, we decided to stay at 'Hotel Oriana'. It a wise decision, as ‘Hotel Oriana’ is placed in the ideal spot of Sivota. Next to the center (5 minutes by foot) but in a very quiet area!

We were predisposed for that specific hotel by the owners, Panorea and Panagiotis. When we got there and saw the hotel, and specifically the rooms, we got sure that we've made the best choice! Fully renovated and very very clean (i don't remember ever seing such a clean hotel before), I would describe it as a 'Boutique Hotel'. Really warm and welcoming environment! Just like the people that surrounded it. Large and comfotable rooms with balconies, very clean and fully equipped!
And personally my favorite spot… The garden! Yes!! The hotel has a large garden with trees, spreading in a amphitreathrical way at levels. The best place to enjoy your morning coffee!

The second surprise awaited us were the beaches! Blue, clear waters in beautiful large and small beaches, islands and bays! We picked a few that overwhelmed us!

On our first day we decided to go somewhere close to get a first picture! We chose the 'French shore'. It is easily accessible by a path on the right side of the port. It is a narrow sandy beach with a beach bar!
The prices were more than satisfying! The waters were warm and very clean!

Over the next few days and we decided to explore other beaches of Sivota and the around areas, starting from 'Karavostasi'! I would describe it as an endless sandy beach with wonderful deep and cool waters.
It has organized and not organized spots (said is huge beach) with taverns, hotels and beach bars, also in reasonable prices!

The beaches that made us the greatest impression were at the small islands around Sivota! ‘Pool’ and ‘Diapori’ were just fantastic! We visited early in the morning the ‘Pool’ with a water taxi. We first had a quick tour in the caves near the small islands and then the taxi left us at the ‘Pool’, which is named like this because of the color of the water. Enchanted! A small bay, accessible only by boat, with crystal clear, turquoise, cool waters, that will remain simply unforgettable! Pure enjoyment!

We visited ‘Pool’ early because we wanted to enjoy it. After 10:30 gets very crowded (tourists are coming even from the island of Corfu ...)!

With the same water taxi and with no extra charge, we left ‘Pool’  and went to the nearby beach, Diapori. A small beach with beautiful waters located in the passage between the two islands of Sivota. You can only visit it by boat.
We had all the necessary stuff with us (water, snacks etc), as it was an absolutely virgin beach, like the ‘Pool’.

On our third day we chose 'Bella Braka' beach, as it is very close to the hotel we were staying, just 10 minutes walk! Incredible beach! Located on the island of Mourtemeno and you walk through the sea (water is very very shallow at that point)!
We also got water and snacks, because there wasn't anything like a beach bar!

We had gone to the main virgin beaches of the area, so we decided to visit an organized one! We chose ‘Mikri Ammos’. A very nicely organized (with parking) beach for the most demanding vacationers... very reasonable price for coffee, but a surcharge on sun loungers (It is justified if you consider the bar facilities)!
Enjoyable sea but we do not recommend it for someone who prefers quiet beaches!

But the day that was really memorable was that day we decided to visit the islands of 'Paxos – Antipaxos' with a sailing boat! Having rejected the idea of an excursion with conventional boats that cram 200-250 people and you can not enjoy the trip it as much as you want, we decided that we would really love our privacy! So we said yes to the sailing trip!
We found awesome value for money in the tour price that the captain gave us (very small difference - just 10 euros -  from the big boat ships mentioned above!). So we started our trip  to the beautiful island of Paxos early in the morning! It was a beautiful journey, with excellent weather and really nice companion. So we arrived in the port of Gaios, where we walked through the small alleys and drank our coffee!
Of course we also dive into the crystal waters ...

Next stop was my favorite beach 'Voutoumi'! It was love at first sight! I could describe it as the best beach Greece has to offer! Blue, clear waters, that make boats look like they float in the air! We dived and swam to the beach! We spent 3 lovely hours there and we wanted more!
But sadly we took the road back with a very ‘heavy’ heart ...

Apart from the stunning beaches in Sivota, there is a vivid nightlife in the area! Small shops where you can find everything you can imagine, restaurants, pizza & pasta, patisseries with delicious ice cream, bar and cafes!
We picked out a few of them!

~ Steak House for those who love roast meat. Beautiful environment, with big portions.  
~ Mediterraneo Pizza, with a wooden oven and delicious pizza and pasta.
~ Tavern ‘Diapori’ in the heart of Sivota, with great and tasty dishes and also really cheap.
~ Pastry shop ‘Melenio’ with unique home made ice creams in a variety of flavors! Definitely try the small vafles with chocolate (they are amazing!!).


A few things you need to notice if you visit Sivota:
  • If you decide to go on a tour around the islands by a water taxi, notice that you have to start early in the morning (around 8:30), to enjoy the beaches without crowd (especially the pool).You only pay the water taxi once on the first boarding and you can first visit either the ‘Pool’ or  ‘Diapori’ (you can visit the 2 beaches alternately with no extra charge). Beyond that, the water taxi passes every hour from the islands! So you can leave or change beach anytime you want!
  • Do not choose (and personally I do not recommend it) to rent a boat to visit these beaches by yourself. The rent is very high (at least 5 times higher that the water taxi) and you pay extra for the gas of the boat. It's not easy to control the boat (especially the anchor, you have to watch the rocks, and it is forbidden to reach the sore with it – it is allowed only to water taxis and from a specific point). Take a water taxi and make your life easier. And keep your pockets full! 
  • Something that also has awesome value for money and it’s worth, is the sailing boat trip to the island of Paxoi - Antipaxoi! You sit comfortable and chatting with the other (few) people who are with you on the tour! Soft drinks, juices and beer is on the house and you have the luxury to choose how long you want to spent at each beach, without being pushed by time!
We chose Nick for our captain (6972.35.82.71) for the trip of Paxoi - Antipaxoi and on our tour to the islands! Nick has 2 water taxes and a sailing boat!
Sure thing we will again visit Sivota! It has become one of our most loving destinations! Beautiful place, great beaches and affordable for every pocket!

*Special thanks to Karagiannis Panagiotis & web-greece.gr for the unique photos.

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